Monday, August 31, 2009

"c'est la vie"

Okay so today I went shopping again at an amazing mall. I was looking around for a school bag, because the rugby bag was a little too big. So I said I wanted a Coach bag, well the one I wanted was a little too small. So then I saw a beautiful Steve Madden bag...I really liked it, but some pushy sales woman was shoving all these bags at me so we told her we wanted to look at Nordstrom bags. So we went there and I was drawn to the Longchamp bag, of course they did not have the navy I wanted. So we went back to Macy's and the sales lady was like "Oh, so you came back for the bag, huh? SEE I told ya, you would!" And my mom was like "yeah...sure." haha. anyways When I came home and put my school supplies in it was a little small. I decided to keep the Rugby bag because it will fit everything, and it is preppy and cute. A little big is better then a little small. I also purchased an awesome pencil skirt from Gap. I love it! Okay guys, pleasee comment if you like/read my blog.
Peace and Love,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"ah tu es tres tres chic"

I went back to school shopping, and I am quite pleased with what I got. Keep in mind I am going to a private school with a strict uniform, obviously my clothing is preppy! Okay so this is what I got: A sweater vest from H&M. I cannot find a photo it is however gorgeous and its cost was $24.95. I got this excellent necessity in an XS...J'adore H&M. Okay then there was some confusion I found this pencil skirt there and this dress...I liked them NOT loved them, but I bought them anyway(stupid idea). Then we found Forever 21(The nicest one I have seen better then NYC) In forever I found a dress and a skirt I feel in love with so we returned (in the same day) the pencil skirt and the dress. So the skirt I got from forever looks like a Blair Waldorf item, YAY. And I guess it is not on the site anymore(ACTUALLY: I just figured out it is a Heritage1981 item!) but it looks something like this(look at the photo at the top) except in navy and green plaid. And I got it in medium so them it would be long enough for school, but of course now it is a little big around my waist, and I am NOT gaining weight to fit into it! haha. It was $18.90 and a fab. buy. Then at Forever21 I also got an adorable dress. That was 18.90 as well and size medium because of the length, but of course it fits a little big on me. c'est la vie! The next store we went to was Banana Republic we got a short sleeved button down at a great price of $32.99, which originally was $59.00! They don't have these tops on the site, but take my word...I love this top! Then we went to Gap, and I got a sweater for $44.50. I love love loved it, But it, like the majority of these clothes is not on the site anymore. sad face. Then we went to this new store called WHO.A.U Californian Dream. You may be thinking "OH, it's another damn Abercrombie." No, I swear it is not! They don't have a website yet, but I love there store for preppy clothes. So you may have though Abercombie was a prepster store, haha then you have not seen WHO.A.U! It has every necessity, bow ties, plaid dresses, plaid skirts, button downs, sweaters, blazers, and knee highs. Though I must admit some clothing is a bit like Abercrombie, but for the majority it is not. Not only is the quality of the clothing 10x better, the prices are a little lower. How amazing is that. It is every prepsters dream store. Anyways I ended up getting the NICEST blazer for $79.00 And a button down for $39.50. Unlike Abercrombie my button down will not rip! Then I wen to J.Crew and got a pencil skirt for $50.99. it is a gorgeous skirt that was originally $140.00. Victoria knows how to get the good deals. And then we went to American Eagle to get you normal pants I got them in grey and they were $39.50. I still need to get more button downs and skirts and pants and dresses, okay well maybe on more of each. And then I will be ready. Oh and of course I am in need of knee highs, navy blue ones. Please suggest some good ones to me. OOOHH and I got my first pair of legit heels from Macy's. They are Mary Jane pumps, 2 1/2 inches. I would not call them pumps but I love them. And if you are wondering where I got my shopping done, we went the the Stanford Mall. I don't live in Connecticut, Okay. Also I ordered a bag for school from Rugby, and it is HUGE, I need to buy a new one, I have my eyes on the Coach, at Macy's they are 50% off. Oh yeah. Okay so I decided I love this blog again haha. P.S the first photo with all the people, well one of the people has a yellow plaid skirt on that's mine, except in a different color. And the second pic, is self-explanatory.
Peace and Love,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"bonjour old friends"

holy shit! talk about about a long break. I am not really feeling this blog, maybe in the school year my attraction to it will come back. until then I will probably do a couple of these stupid posts. I made a new blog..its I don't think I wanna share the link. like legit..I like it because it helps me..but if anyone I knew read it.......... hahahaha
CANNOT WAIT FOR: Kourtney and Khloe take Miami
Peace out

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1 typo on last post I meant to say
your kick ass writer
me being..............................I forgot that
foo shizzz
you know you love me
just playing with youuu silly goose:P


in the state of confusion..
well on the other handd. good news: me and you know who have a baby:O too long of a story to type out- long story short, somehow we have a frog webkinzz and are going strong:P
go to francesca's blogg it kickss majorrrr ass
so yesterday I finished gossip girl book 1
today I finished the good earth-I criedd:(
some stupid kid in ewing has it anddd is not trying hard enough to get it back to the owner-AKA meee
omgg 5th graders came to school todayy they are ahdorable-like honestly I never knew I looked that young.
TUTTLE SUCKS BALLS- sorry there's this kid at school that is ahhhhhhggggg
"I write sins not tragedies"-Panic at the Disco,,,,a somewhat decent songg
l ovve youuu a million green skittles
you kick ass write

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hold the phone

the font was supposed to be blackk but apparently this blogging facility is F-ED upp
sorry I guess It's my terrible mood. and NO! for the last time today It is NOT my "time of month"



ahhhhh MOTHER TRUCKER (keep on trucking)*hahaha* I am sooo stressed out, I NEED A DETOX-such as ShOpInGGG.
let me see how many bad things happened today: 5 bad things that are stressing me out. You see it's in my genes- I have an actual anxiety problem, and sometimes it gets out of hand, like now. My mom has it tooo.
ALSO I am soo sorry because of my last post
Things I did wrong:
  1. SOOO many typos/gramatical erors,
  2. I did not explain who was in the pic. The pic is of me and my sissy! and you don't have to tell me that everything about me in that photo is hideous! I know!
  3. I just thought it was sloppy

So desole!

I hate gummy worms; they really ruin your day

Bye, V.

p.s wow I was soo un-enthusiastic!

p.p.s this is why everything is black and bolded, I am pistt.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"bien cuit"

Hey blog readers: remember to comment:)

So today I was wearing a pretty terrible outfit, I mean people did compliment-but these people were SWEATPANTS to school, therefore why the hell should I listen to them. I was wearing H&M, Gap, Aeropostale, uhh eww. I have to admit the top (H&M) was not bad. Tomorrow I have NO IDEA what to wear. If I wore the dress I would like to-I would be wayy to formal! This is why I cannot wait till Hun-not uniform, but strict dress code-meaning GOSSIP GIRL STYLE. hahaha. Ohkaaay so today in math I was partnered up with my BFF and these to other girl...uhh hey, at least it was not ..................(leaving out the name) Yeahh and tomorrow I am gonna tell you the most hysterical thing everr

Not to be so"Massie-ish" BUT











my school

being poor and or fat


Well done;)

(Bien Cuit)


Monday, May 18, 2009

"Francesa-TRES TRES chic/belle fille"

ODE to Francesca:

(to the tune of "Yesterday"- By: The Beatles)


Francesca commented on

my blog

now she is officially the coolest girl

that I know today


I notice my blogger readers

don't comment except for her

she kicks some big ass for me


i don't know

she wears sexii clothes

I am so in love with her

I long for he style sense

I tried-really! I sung the karaoke version on youtube, and it worked out for the most part.

P.S Lizzy Wyatt Hayes is a kick ass reader as well: both of them wear sexii clothes
as you can see, if you comment I WILL make you a song!
p.p.s Chris Martin, being a sexii beast is smiling for Francesca
p.p.p.s THE PUPPY <3's>
lovin people in general at the moment
~sorry it felt like an appropriate opportunity..:P
rock on kicking ass, sexiii, awesome readers <3

Monday, May 4, 2009

"Le petite-déjeuner à Tiffany's"

Breakfast at Tiffany's:) Guess who is sitting next to me in english AND science? Yeah, Russell! Okay, so you know Marc by Marc Jacobs? There is this new dress that I found on Polyvore, its absolutely gorgeous. OMG my performance of Swan Lake is this weekend:). AND on my report card my lowest grade was a 95%. oooh yeahh. I just got twitter!!! I am mangofish15, in case you would like to follow me:). okay so I guess I will tell you what happened with russell:
The story is too long but here is the short version: So I had this petition going around with my friends and I tried to get random people to sign it. It was about how I am the sexiiest person in the world, and obviously it was a joke. All my friends signed it and then Russell was like: what is your petition about? me: uhh, nothing . but could you sign it him: no way! un less you tell me what it is about. me: hell no, its embarrassing. Everyday we would WALK TO LUNCH TOGETHER just like arguing about that. But finally he singed it, right next to my name. We are now like really close, and I am not just saying that. He is my closest guy friend:P. I am TRES HAPPY:) yayy. Francesca: The next post has your song on it, I am finishing up some pics and whatnot:
love to all the sexii people out there. because we all have some sexyy in us:)
-susan boyle foo sure has the most...INNER SEXYY:)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Grapefruit is not very tasty. haha hello after a long break.. I don't know what happened. my life just seems to be soooo blandd. hahaha, well I am not going to blabb on about me. HOW ARE YOU? yeah so taday I thought to myself I am sooo going to name my kid SEXIII. and then she will mary HANDSOME. They will have a set of twins: BELLE and BEAU. haha what a creep I am. I don't really know what the hell to talk about?! oooh. I am going on a crash diet. haha I just got my hawt pink VS bikini...the boobe cup fits greatt because I have a large-ish chest but I feel like I am 20 pds over weight. UGHH. I have a stupid slow metabalism. whatever. C'EST LA VIE. so today I made a fool out of myself in front of Russell. hahaha. hes like ohh sweet Victoria, you have the ipod touch. me: ohh *smiles* yeahh. this is my baybay. him: ohh cool! can I see it? me: foo shoo! he looks at it and I am playing about you now by ICARLY the second he grabs for it. what a loser. I was like shitttt. and he was like: you actually like her music. haha I was like uhh noo, i just-its an inside joke. gawshhh. what a loserrrrr. at least everyone is saying he has some feelings for me..jeez that kid drives me insanee. I want himmmm soooooo muchh.
rockkk onn sexii's:

Monday, February 23, 2009

" C'est belle"

my profile photo is of this boy I once met who is autstic, he asked me to take his picture, he's one of the sweetest little kids I know.
be thankful for the life you live.

"Blogs et MARDI GRAS"

I ahdore blogs, it's like your own world. And you find so many people with your interests. I absolutely ahdore blogs. Okay well that must make me look redundant! Okay so today I wore this ahdorable jean mini along with my "Bon Voyage" Tee-shirt from J. Crew and a white light shirt...babydoll. Ahdorable...well I thought so. MWA. Tomorrow is MARDI GRAS. So for french class I get extra credit if I wear a color of Mardi Gras. I was going to wear a delicate lite lacy top from Adult Gap, but decided to go "junkfood" with my purple vegetarian shirt from Deliah's. with my ripped jeans from forever 21. I was trying to fit something in that really stands out...but I am wearing my hear natural....extremely curly, so people better think I look hawt...or good for that matter. Well today was good...I really have to stop playing hockey...I get so sweaty because I just have to be the best player, and I am not bragging. He honestly (my gym teacher) said it out loud. ligit. I am currently listening to THE BEATLES. I can't think of one day when I have not listened to them for the past two years. I love their music. You should be proud of me....I did not procrastinate. Guess what Briana Called me...a BITCH. yupp. OK. so she comes to my table and takes MY spot everyday! So I was really pissed. I obviously stopped talking to her...duh. And right up to my best friend, she calls me a bitch. what a loser remark is that. She is the one last year to hurt me...ignore me so she can be popular. Lie about it, use me, call me when she is sobbing on the phone. Why the hell must she do all of this crap to me. Honestly I think she misses me, why on earth would she want to destroy me after we were best friends. The funny thing is that SHE ended the friendship. And she is an idiot to think that she can walk all over me. Well she did for a while...but then I told the Principal....because she got me in trouble. mwahaaa. Briana the bug gets in trouble. Like ligit she looks like a bug I normally don't say this but she is ugly. Honestly she is, like her face is a fly...weird...Like what right on this planet does she have to push me and my books away...especially since she made me depressed over the summer. I thought I was the biggest loser because she dumped me (as a friend) no I am not a lesbian. Well anyways, my other best friend really wants to curse her off...but I won't let her. See. I am actually nice. Well actually it sucks that I am nice...because my best friend Sarah recently did something really mean...and well I owe her many mean things but she knows I would never do it...she acts like she can get away with walking all over me...and she can. Everyone like loves to use me. AHHH. I have to stop this. I hate this. Wow. Well at least no one knows that I like Russell. HAHA. I told everyone that I did not. Because look at what my best friend did to me. OHMYGOSHH. I think I made it into Performing arts 1!!! I am so excited. Also I am in Swan honor! Ohmondieu I love my life:) Ahggg I am starting to get PMS. Being a girl can sometimes suck. ekk. Well V. Is quite tired. lets see if I can find any sickkk photos. OOH. I wanna runn....
p.s sorry there are no photos...I was gonna do a video but I could not find the file..haha what a loser I am.
p.p.s I love the book: The perks of being a made me cry, laugh, really it did
haha want a joke ok what's black white and read all over?
answer:Newspaper...get it?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

"The Beatles"

"Of all these friends and lovers there is no one who compares with you. And these memories lose their meaning when I think of love as something new." - The Beatles, In My Life
My boys, The Beatles<333333


Girlies, lovlies, I am dreadfully sorry. I meant to put Joisey in Lizzi Wyatt--Joisey Gal. I forgot the "e". OHMONDIEU. go watch the Oscars.....GAWSH. Anyways just wanted to verify and say sorry!


"Lizzi Wyatt : TRES CHIC FILLE"

Lizzi I am smiling at YOU.

Lizzi Wyatt--a joisy gal is a genius! I love her blog. Like even though it says shes in 6th grade, I swear she sounds like she is in my grade! okay well she was THE ONLY ONE to ever comment! I love her! OK so I am making a song for the tune of: "Hey Jude" The Beatles: I might make a v log singing this---crap-ily!

Hey Lizzi, you are too cool

you make my whole day-feel much better

the kindest-sweetest-girl that I know happens to have left me a comment

hey lizzi

if anyone

ever bullies you bring 'em to me

remember you are the coolest girl that has a sweet-tart heart in the world

so praise Lizzi, for her kind deed

hey Lizziiii we love you

share the love with us please

yeah I know it sucks...but HEY the thought counts.....





p.s look the song up on youtube and try singing along. I really did try


but please comment:)

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hey. Today was an a-ok day. nothing special...yet nothing bad! I went to ballet...ate lunch..cleaned my room...watched Grease...and right now am writing this very post! Oh and talking to Maria* on AIM.

continuing my story:
From love at first sight I knew russell was MY guy.
Then there is Briana*. My ex-best friend:
you look into those huge bug-eyes and see a girl..sweet innocent naive. Quite the contrary of a back stabber. You know she's actually pretty ugly, maybe that's why she wants to be popular. anyways here is her story:
We were BEST FRIENDS. BFFL'S was what we called ourselves! we had a little club...a secret language...all of our secrets were out. She was the best best friend I had ever had. Then there came the last week of school. Briana, was going away for the summer. for 2 whole weeks. How on Earth was I going to live without her?! Well it was the second to last day of school and Briana was hanging out with MY other friends: Jackie* and Erin*. We were talking about sleepovers over the summer. By the way I had broken my foot so we could not have a pool party. So we were setting dates. I thought everything was great. Then Briana started spending ALL of her time with Erin. It was like my existence was not appreciated: I was a girl who needed her books to be carried...a girl with crutches. Who want me? Then it was the last day of school. If I thought I felt like a piece of crap then.....well. I had some news. I walk into homeroom...where is Briana...hey where is Erin....and where the heck is Jackie. Oh Just running some errands leaving Victoria behind of coarse! Then after that our teachers made us get a beach ball signed by all of our team-mates. Hmm. Who is by herself...yupp DING DING DING we have a winner ME! I GOT THE BALL SIGNED BY RUSSELL.Ahhh. Anyways they walk up to me and Briana goes...oh yeah uh Victoria sign my ball. Me: uh, yeah sure. Briana: give me your ball. Me: um okay. Thanks Briana, by the end of this I felt like bull sh*t. I go to lunch and don't really talk to anyone....why oh why did they have to say: Hey Victoria what's wrong Me: Nothing Them: We know something is wrong! Just tell us Briana: Hey JACKIE lets go get Mr. Hunter's* signature. Way to flaunt it Briana. Here comes the water works:
The story will be cont. tomorrow.
It would mean the world to me:)
bise, bise
V. -

Friday, February 20, 2009


The STUFF (bise, bise) in the french quotations did NOT work. GRR. It was supossed to say KISS KISS in francais and in english AHHHHGGGG. I don't like this:(


Hey. so. I had a great day. The only bad part was lying to my best friends:( GOOD REASON though. Okay let's get to the nitty gritty of my life. we are starting from the basics:
Born march 15
has a sister a dog a cat a mother and a father
does ballet

is applying for private school
against having boyfriend...yet still loving guys
okay well lets start from that one year in my life:
okay so my BEST.FRIEND was Briana*, a good friend was Sarah* and a side friend was Erin*. So I had to make cupcakes for school but when I was leaving I had like 10 leftovers. I was planning to be a pig and eat one, and save the rest for my pigg-ish friends when RUSSELL* walks up to me and says: "Hey, uh can I have a cupcake?"
Me: *staring into is beautiful eyes* "Uh, well, yeah well have 2-no have 3. "
RUSSELL: "AAHH sweet thanks so much"
Me: "No, problem"
Me: (very quietly, fading into the distance) "You can have four!"
~Okay you caught me Russell IS the love of my dreams. If I don't feel like using his name....I use Twizzlers, don't even ask. Well anyways from that very point on I believed in LOVE.AT.FIRST.SIGHT.~
Wow. Loooks like I am not even close to done but I gotta go.
I PROMISE I will continue tomorrow...After ballet, or dinner, or homework....whatever!
BY.THE.WAY. all the stars at the end are going to signify that by the time I finsih the story at the end of the post there will be a blurb about them. OHMONDIEU! too exciting!
<> (kiss, kiss)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


In my list of artists I FORGOT to add Jack Jonhson and Nirvana. DESOLE :)

Aie (OWW in french)

It really hurts that you guys don't comment! Please one comment would make my day fantastic:)


Today was, well typical. I came to school with a 100 degree fever...not so hawt. And feeling completely humiliated after yesterday (one long story that must be shared with you, later) I WANT MONEYYY;;I love shopping but I only have 60 bucks AHHH. I knowww major crisis! Today I don't have CCD! yayyy.
Ohkay so over the break I got the AHDORABLE dress!!!!!! It is like lacy and pink and kind of vintage looking. I was in shock at its GORGEOUSNESS.

Music makes life so much better: here are some of the songs on my i-pod:
(Well the artists)
The Beatles Elton John Spice Girls Sugar Ray KT Tunstall Blue Monday Sixpence None The richer TheblackGhosts Britney Spears A-ha Bob MARLEY<3>
Christina Agulera Weezer ABBA Taylor Swift Demi Lovoto Lady Gaga Miley Cyrus Madonna Yeah yeah yeah's Gnarles Barkley Jonas Brothers Vanessa Hudgens Plain White Tees Coldplay Shawn Colvin Flo Rida All American rejects Blondie Sara Bareilles Estelle Stevie Wonder Leona Lewis M.I.A Katie Perry Jason Mraz Brazillian Girls Debussy Kevin Rdolf lil wayne Enur Miranda Cosgrove

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Non Genial: TRES DESOLE"

ohmygosh Francais speakers I totally forgot (in my last post) To add pas to je ne sais. Major booboo. Tres Desole...please don't be insulted:)
your bad francais speaker!!!
who finished going pee


"Je Ne Sais"

Desole, but I for got to add (I DON'T KNOW WHYY) Please comment.......they are appreciated.......heckk I will make a song for you if you comment.....I make pretty yeah just comment........and now V must go Pee. So eh yeah um COMMENT!

Who is rushing to the "petite fille's room"
Au revoirr
Bonne Chance (Je ne sais why I am telling you that ???)

"Bonne St. Valentin!"

hii ohmygawshh I am working on a v-log...FOR YOU:) mwaa see I love you.
it's valentines day:) my favorite day :) too bad it did not turn out that way, I have a longg weekend so I will follow up on this laterr today
btw I painted my nails red so yahh eat that haha just playing
Petite Chou
happy v-day everyone

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Stores to shop at: Tres Chic s'il vous plait!"

hey everyone sorry I forgot to follow up on my post too much homework. haha, okay so as you can tell we need to go over FANTASTIQUE ,COOL ,C'EST OKAY ,and NON! (In francais by the way)

okay well here we go:

  1. Urban OUtfitters (fantastique)

  2. Pac Sun(fantastique)

  3. Victoria's Secret (coool)

  4. Ralph Lauren(fantastique)

  5. Gucci (FANTASTIQUE)

  6. J. Crew (fantgastique)

  7. Forever 21 (Cool)

  8. American Eagle (c'est okay)

  9. Abercrombie + hollister (non)

  10. Juicy (c'est okay)

  11. Gap (Fantastique)


There we go:)



Monday, February 9, 2009

"Tres cool blog"

Hello everyone out there! You can call me V, a triligual girl. Who is willing to answer all questions having to do with the arts, and while at it, tell you a little bit about my life.
First fashion advice that I stand strong with: DON'T reapeat DO NOT shop at Abercrombie OR Hollister, not cool. Can you at least try to be original...seriously. Shopping there is basically saying I have no sense of fashion!!! Shop somewhere nice, classy, such as J. CREWW. Tres cute girlies<3.> khakichinos from J. Crew. ooh yeah and I wore my American Eagle sock (have argyle) with penny loafers. Okay, even I have to admit the penny loafers were not AH-DORABLE, but they went with the theme.
ALSO::::::: girlsss make sure that you have nice hair, a TRES BELLE outfit is NOTHING without TRES BELLE hair. Don't just brush it, do whatever it takes to make it SUAVEEE AND SILKYY. yeahh that's right.
extra credit: add red nails (spicyy) to complete the look.
Okayy so back to MY life, I am going to start my four hours of HW at 4. Yayy, at least I have my i-touch to make my life better! hah and my cell. Which reminds me of Friends, or should I say FAUX friends... yeah I got a little problem with some of them. I will post when I am done w. everything including my nails. The next post will be more about moi! yayy, my fave. subject, hah nooo just playing with ya!
okay will I gotta go<3 href=""> COPYY AND PASTE, kay:)
your fave blogger(just kidding)