Monday, August 31, 2009

"c'est la vie"

Okay so today I went shopping again at an amazing mall. I was looking around for a school bag, because the rugby bag was a little too big. So I said I wanted a Coach bag, well the one I wanted was a little too small. So then I saw a beautiful Steve Madden bag...I really liked it, but some pushy sales woman was shoving all these bags at me so we told her we wanted to look at Nordstrom bags. So we went there and I was drawn to the Longchamp bag, of course they did not have the navy I wanted. So we went back to Macy's and the sales lady was like "Oh, so you came back for the bag, huh? SEE I told ya, you would!" And my mom was like "yeah...sure." haha. anyways When I came home and put my school supplies in it was a little small. I decided to keep the Rugby bag because it will fit everything, and it is preppy and cute. A little big is better then a little small. I also purchased an awesome pencil skirt from Gap. I love it! Okay guys, pleasee comment if you like/read my blog.
Peace and Love,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

"ah tu es tres tres chic"

I went back to school shopping, and I am quite pleased with what I got. Keep in mind I am going to a private school with a strict uniform, obviously my clothing is preppy! Okay so this is what I got: A sweater vest from H&M. I cannot find a photo it is however gorgeous and its cost was $24.95. I got this excellent necessity in an XS...J'adore H&M. Okay then there was some confusion I found this pencil skirt there and this dress...I liked them NOT loved them, but I bought them anyway(stupid idea). Then we found Forever 21(The nicest one I have seen better then NYC) In forever I found a dress and a skirt I feel in love with so we returned (in the same day) the pencil skirt and the dress. So the skirt I got from forever looks like a Blair Waldorf item, YAY. And I guess it is not on the site anymore(ACTUALLY: I just figured out it is a Heritage1981 item!) but it looks something like this(look at the photo at the top) except in navy and green plaid. And I got it in medium so them it would be long enough for school, but of course now it is a little big around my waist, and I am NOT gaining weight to fit into it! haha. It was $18.90 and a fab. buy. Then at Forever21 I also got an adorable dress. That was 18.90 as well and size medium because of the length, but of course it fits a little big on me. c'est la vie! The next store we went to was Banana Republic we got a short sleeved button down at a great price of $32.99, which originally was $59.00! They don't have these tops on the site, but take my word...I love this top! Then we went to Gap, and I got a sweater for $44.50. I love love loved it, But it, like the majority of these clothes is not on the site anymore. sad face. Then we went to this new store called WHO.A.U Californian Dream. You may be thinking "OH, it's another damn Abercrombie." No, I swear it is not! They don't have a website yet, but I love there store for preppy clothes. So you may have though Abercombie was a prepster store, haha then you have not seen WHO.A.U! It has every necessity, bow ties, plaid dresses, plaid skirts, button downs, sweaters, blazers, and knee highs. Though I must admit some clothing is a bit like Abercrombie, but for the majority it is not. Not only is the quality of the clothing 10x better, the prices are a little lower. How amazing is that. It is every prepsters dream store. Anyways I ended up getting the NICEST blazer for $79.00 And a button down for $39.50. Unlike Abercrombie my button down will not rip! Then I wen to J.Crew and got a pencil skirt for $50.99. it is a gorgeous skirt that was originally $140.00. Victoria knows how to get the good deals. And then we went to American Eagle to get you normal pants I got them in grey and they were $39.50. I still need to get more button downs and skirts and pants and dresses, okay well maybe on more of each. And then I will be ready. Oh and of course I am in need of knee highs, navy blue ones. Please suggest some good ones to me. OOOHH and I got my first pair of legit heels from Macy's. They are Mary Jane pumps, 2 1/2 inches. I would not call them pumps but I love them. And if you are wondering where I got my shopping done, we went the the Stanford Mall. I don't live in Connecticut, Okay. Also I ordered a bag for school from Rugby, and it is HUGE, I need to buy a new one, I have my eyes on the Coach, at Macy's they are 50% off. Oh yeah. Okay so I decided I love this blog again haha. P.S the first photo with all the people, well one of the people has a yellow plaid skirt on that's mine, except in a different color. And the second pic, is self-explanatory.
Peace and Love,

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"bonjour old friends"

holy shit! talk about about a long break. I am not really feeling this blog, maybe in the school year my attraction to it will come back. until then I will probably do a couple of these stupid posts. I made a new blog..its I don't think I wanna share the link. like legit..I like it because it helps me..but if anyone I knew read it.......... hahahaha
CANNOT WAIT FOR: Kourtney and Khloe take Miami
Peace out

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1 typo on last post I meant to say
your kick ass writer
me being..............................I forgot that
foo shizzz
you know you love me
just playing with youuu silly goose:P


in the state of confusion..
well on the other handd. good news: me and you know who have a baby:O too long of a story to type out- long story short, somehow we have a frog webkinzz and are going strong:P
go to francesca's blogg it kickss majorrrr ass
so yesterday I finished gossip girl book 1
today I finished the good earth-I criedd:(
some stupid kid in ewing has it anddd is not trying hard enough to get it back to the owner-AKA meee
omgg 5th graders came to school todayy they are ahdorable-like honestly I never knew I looked that young.
TUTTLE SUCKS BALLS- sorry there's this kid at school that is ahhhhhhggggg
"I write sins not tragedies"-Panic at the Disco,,,,a somewhat decent songg
l ovve youuu a million green skittles
you kick ass write

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hold the phone

the font was supposed to be blackk but apparently this blogging facility is F-ED upp
sorry I guess It's my terrible mood. and NO! for the last time today It is NOT my "time of month"



ahhhhh MOTHER TRUCKER (keep on trucking)*hahaha* I am sooo stressed out, I NEED A DETOX-such as ShOpInGGG.
let me see how many bad things happened today: 5 bad things that are stressing me out. You see it's in my genes- I have an actual anxiety problem, and sometimes it gets out of hand, like now. My mom has it tooo.
ALSO I am soo sorry because of my last post
Things I did wrong:
  1. SOOO many typos/gramatical erors,
  2. I did not explain who was in the pic. The pic is of me and my sissy! and you don't have to tell me that everything about me in that photo is hideous! I know!
  3. I just thought it was sloppy

So desole!

I hate gummy worms; they really ruin your day

Bye, V.

p.s wow I was soo un-enthusiastic!

p.p.s this is why everything is black and bolded, I am pistt.