Wednesday, May 27, 2009


1 typo on last post I meant to say
your kick ass writer
me being..............................I forgot that
foo shizzz
you know you love me
just playing with youuu silly goose:P


in the state of confusion..
well on the other handd. good news: me and you know who have a baby:O too long of a story to type out- long story short, somehow we have a frog webkinzz and are going strong:P
go to francesca's blogg it kickss majorrrr ass
so yesterday I finished gossip girl book 1
today I finished the good earth-I criedd:(
some stupid kid in ewing has it anddd is not trying hard enough to get it back to the owner-AKA meee
omgg 5th graders came to school todayy they are ahdorable-like honestly I never knew I looked that young.
TUTTLE SUCKS BALLS- sorry there's this kid at school that is ahhhhhhggggg
"I write sins not tragedies"-Panic at the Disco,,,,a somewhat decent songg
l ovve youuu a million green skittles
you kick ass write

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hold the phone

the font was supposed to be blackk but apparently this blogging facility is F-ED upp
sorry I guess It's my terrible mood. and NO! for the last time today It is NOT my "time of month"



ahhhhh MOTHER TRUCKER (keep on trucking)*hahaha* I am sooo stressed out, I NEED A DETOX-such as ShOpInGGG.
let me see how many bad things happened today: 5 bad things that are stressing me out. You see it's in my genes- I have an actual anxiety problem, and sometimes it gets out of hand, like now. My mom has it tooo.
ALSO I am soo sorry because of my last post
Things I did wrong:
  1. SOOO many typos/gramatical erors,
  2. I did not explain who was in the pic. The pic is of me and my sissy! and you don't have to tell me that everything about me in that photo is hideous! I know!
  3. I just thought it was sloppy

So desole!

I hate gummy worms; they really ruin your day

Bye, V.

p.s wow I was soo un-enthusiastic!

p.p.s this is why everything is black and bolded, I am pistt.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"bien cuit"

Hey blog readers: remember to comment:)

So today I was wearing a pretty terrible outfit, I mean people did compliment-but these people were SWEATPANTS to school, therefore why the hell should I listen to them. I was wearing H&M, Gap, Aeropostale, uhh eww. I have to admit the top (H&M) was not bad. Tomorrow I have NO IDEA what to wear. If I wore the dress I would like to-I would be wayy to formal! This is why I cannot wait till Hun-not uniform, but strict dress code-meaning GOSSIP GIRL STYLE. hahaha. Ohkaaay so today in math I was partnered up with my BFF and these to other girl...uhh hey, at least it was not ..................(leaving out the name) Yeahh and tomorrow I am gonna tell you the most hysterical thing everr

Not to be so"Massie-ish" BUT











my school

being poor and or fat


Well done;)

(Bien Cuit)


Monday, May 18, 2009

"Francesa-TRES TRES chic/belle fille"

ODE to Francesca:

(to the tune of "Yesterday"- By: The Beatles)


Francesca commented on

my blog

now she is officially the coolest girl

that I know today


I notice my blogger readers

don't comment except for her

she kicks some big ass for me


i don't know

she wears sexii clothes

I am so in love with her

I long for he style sense

I tried-really! I sung the karaoke version on youtube, and it worked out for the most part.

P.S Lizzy Wyatt Hayes is a kick ass reader as well: both of them wear sexii clothes
as you can see, if you comment I WILL make you a song!
p.p.s Chris Martin, being a sexii beast is smiling for Francesca
p.p.p.s THE PUPPY <3's>
lovin people in general at the moment
~sorry it felt like an appropriate opportunity..:P
rock on kicking ass, sexiii, awesome readers <3

Monday, May 4, 2009

"Le petite-déjeuner à Tiffany's"

Breakfast at Tiffany's:) Guess who is sitting next to me in english AND science? Yeah, Russell! Okay, so you know Marc by Marc Jacobs? There is this new dress that I found on Polyvore, its absolutely gorgeous. OMG my performance of Swan Lake is this weekend:). AND on my report card my lowest grade was a 95%. oooh yeahh. I just got twitter!!! I am mangofish15, in case you would like to follow me:). okay so I guess I will tell you what happened with russell:
The story is too long but here is the short version: So I had this petition going around with my friends and I tried to get random people to sign it. It was about how I am the sexiiest person in the world, and obviously it was a joke. All my friends signed it and then Russell was like: what is your petition about? me: uhh, nothing . but could you sign it him: no way! un less you tell me what it is about. me: hell no, its embarrassing. Everyday we would WALK TO LUNCH TOGETHER just like arguing about that. But finally he singed it, right next to my name. We are now like really close, and I am not just saying that. He is my closest guy friend:P. I am TRES HAPPY:) yayy. Francesca: The next post has your song on it, I am finishing up some pics and whatnot:
love to all the sexii people out there. because we all have some sexyy in us:)
-susan boyle foo sure has the most...INNER SEXYY:)