Wednesday, May 27, 2009


in the state of confusion..
well on the other handd. good news: me and you know who have a baby:O too long of a story to type out- long story short, somehow we have a frog webkinzz and are going strong:P
go to francesca's blogg it kickss majorrrr ass
so yesterday I finished gossip girl book 1
today I finished the good earth-I criedd:(
some stupid kid in ewing has it anddd is not trying hard enough to get it back to the owner-AKA meee
omgg 5th graders came to school todayy they are ahdorable-like honestly I never knew I looked that young.
TUTTLE SUCKS BALLS- sorry there's this kid at school that is ahhhhhhggggg
"I write sins not tragedies"-Panic at the Disco,,,,a somewhat decent songg
l ovve youuu a million green skittles
you kick ass write

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