Wednesday, May 20, 2009


ahhhhh MOTHER TRUCKER (keep on trucking)*hahaha* I am sooo stressed out, I NEED A DETOX-such as ShOpInGGG.
let me see how many bad things happened today: 5 bad things that are stressing me out. You see it's in my genes- I have an actual anxiety problem, and sometimes it gets out of hand, like now. My mom has it tooo.
ALSO I am soo sorry because of my last post
Things I did wrong:
  1. SOOO many typos/gramatical erors,
  2. I did not explain who was in the pic. The pic is of me and my sissy! and you don't have to tell me that everything about me in that photo is hideous! I know!
  3. I just thought it was sloppy

So desole!

I hate gummy worms; they really ruin your day

Bye, V.

p.s wow I was soo un-enthusiastic!

p.p.s this is why everything is black and bolded, I am pistt.


  1. (: lol. You better tell me about the gummy worms! And nooooooo ! You are so pretty Victoria. I love your hair down (:

  2. ohkayy so for french class I was supossed to make brownies. I wanted them to be kick ass brownies though so I bought gummies to put on top LOL. anyways I took the brwonies out of the oven and they were great. I let them cool for like 30 minutes-so no one told me they need to cool for several hours. so me being an idiot I put the gummies on top. I come back like 15 minutes later to find the gummy had been melted on the borwnie. ahh they were ruined. HYSTERICAL buttttt terrible. haha then I tried to cut the brownies after about an 1, they got f-ed up so I have to roll them up into balls- tasted like f-ing crapp. People ate them and were like what THE HELL are in these brownies!? haha and thank you--a good self confidence booster:)
    love you 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 twizzlers:) yummy