Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Grapefruit is not very tasty. haha hello after a long break.. I don't know what happened. my life just seems to be soooo blandd. hahaha, well I am not going to blabb on about me. HOW ARE YOU? yeah so taday I thought to myself I am sooo going to name my kid SEXIII. and then she will mary HANDSOME. They will have a set of twins: BELLE and BEAU. haha what a creep I am. I don't really know what the hell to talk about?! oooh. I am going on a crash diet. haha I just got my hawt pink VS bikini...the boobe cup fits greatt because I have a large-ish chest but I feel like I am 20 pds over weight. UGHH. I have a stupid slow metabalism. whatever. C'EST LA VIE. so today I made a fool out of myself in front of Russell. hahaha. hes like ohh sweet Victoria, you have the ipod touch. me: ohh *smiles* yeahh. this is my baybay. him: ohh cool! can I see it? me: foo shoo! he looks at it and I am playing about you now by ICARLY the second he grabs for it. what a loser. I was like shitttt. and he was like: you actually like her music. haha I was like uhh noo, i just-its an inside joke. gawshhh. what a loserrrrr. at least everyone is saying he has some feelings for me..jeez that kid drives me insanee. I want himmmm soooooo muchh.
rockkk onn sexii's: