Monday, August 31, 2009

"c'est la vie"

Okay so today I went shopping again at an amazing mall. I was looking around for a school bag, because the rugby bag was a little too big. So I said I wanted a Coach bag, well the one I wanted was a little too small. So then I saw a beautiful Steve Madden bag...I really liked it, but some pushy sales woman was shoving all these bags at me so we told her we wanted to look at Nordstrom bags. So we went there and I was drawn to the Longchamp bag, of course they did not have the navy I wanted. So we went back to Macy's and the sales lady was like "Oh, so you came back for the bag, huh? SEE I told ya, you would!" And my mom was like "yeah...sure." haha. anyways When I came home and put my school supplies in it was a little small. I decided to keep the Rugby bag because it will fit everything, and it is preppy and cute. A little big is better then a little small. I also purchased an awesome pencil skirt from Gap. I love it! Okay guys, pleasee comment if you like/read my blog.
Peace and Love,


  1. Gaahh. I don't like the salesladies at Macys. I prefer Lord & Taylor (:

  2. golly gosh. i just read all ur posts. lol